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Carrier Listing for GeoSIM Multi Number SIM.

Here's a list all the carriers we use.

This may change from time to time, but as you can see our 585 carriers will give you plenty of coverage around the world and whichever country youare roaming in.

Afghanistan Telecom Development Company Afghanistan Ltd (TDCA)
Afghanistan Afghanistan Wireless Communication (AWCC)
Afghanistan ETISALAT
Afghanistan Areeba (MTN)
Albania Albanian Mobile Communications (A M C MOBIL)
Albania Vodafone Albania
Albania Eagle Mobile
Algeria Algerie Telecom (AMN)
Algeria Orascom Telecom Algerie Spa (Djezzy)
Algeria Wataniya Telecom Algerie
Andorra S.T.A (MOBILAND)
Angola UNITEL S.a.r.l.
Anguilla Cable & Wireless (West Indies) Ltd. Anguilla
Anguilla Mossel (Jamaica) Ltd (Digicel)
Antigua & Barbuda Digicel antigua e barbuda
Antigua & Barbuda Cable & Wireless Caribbean Cellular (Antigua) Limited
Argentina Telecom Personal SA (Personal)
Argentina Telefonica Comunicaciones Personales SA (UNIFON/ Movistar)
Armenia, Republic of ArmenTel (ARMGSM)
Armenia, Republic of K Telecom - Vivacel-
Aruba (Digicel Mossel-Aruba-) *
Aruba (Digicel Mossel-JAMAICA-)
Aruba SETAR (Servicio di Telecomunicacion di Aruba) (SETAR GSM - GSM 900-1800-1900)
Australia Singtel Optus Limited (YES OPTUS)
Australia Telstra Corporation Limited (Telstra MobileNet)
Australia Vodafone Pacific Limited
Australia Hutchinson 3G Australia
Austria Mobilkom Austria AG & Co KG (A1)
Austria Mobilkom Austria AG & Co KG (A1) (Additional IMSI)
Austria ONE GMBH
Austria ONE GMBH (Additional IMSI)
Austria T-Mobile + ex Telering
Austria T-Mobile -ex Telering-(Additional IMSI )
Austria Huchinson 3G Austria
Azerbaijan, Republic of Azercell Telecom B.M (AZERCELL GSM)
Azerbaijan, Republic of J.V.Bakcell (BAKCELL GSM 2000)
Azerbaijan, Republic of Azerfon
Bahamas The Bahamas Telecommunications Company Ltd-BTC-
Bahrain Batelco (BHR MOBILE PLUS)
Bahrain Zain BH (ex MTC Vodafone )
Bangladesh GrameenPhone Ltd
Bangladesh TM Int'l (Bangladesh) Ltd (AKTEL)
Barbados Cable and wireless
Barbados Digicel (Barbados) Limited
Belarus, Republic of JLLC Mobile TeleSystems (MTS)
Belarus, Republic of Mobile Digital Communications (VELCOM)
Belarus, Republic of Best Belarus
Belgium BASE NV/SA
Belgium Belgacom Mobile (PROXIMUS)
Belgium Mobistar S.A.
Belize Belize Telecommunications Ltd
Benin Arreba (ex Spacetel-Benin)
Bermuda Mobility Limited (BTC MOBILITY LTD.)
Bermuda Digicel (ex Cingular)
Bolivia Entel SA
Bolivia Nuevatel
Bosnia Herzegovina HT Mobile communication (ex Eronet Mobile)
Bosnia Herzegovina RS Telecommunication- Mobi's- M Tel
Bosnia Herzegovina BH Telecom Sarajevo (GSMBIH)
Botswana Orange (Botswana) Pty Limited
Brazil TIM Celular S.A. (TIM BRASIL)
Brazil TIM Celular S.A. (TIM BRASIL)
Brazil TIM Celular S.A. (TIM BRASIL)
Brazil TNL PCS S.A.
Brazil Brasil Telecom Cellular
British Virgin Islands CCT Boatphone
Brunei Darussalam B Mobile
Bulgaria Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile EAD (GLOBUL)
Bulgaria MobilTEL AD (M-TEL GSM BG)
Bulgaria BTC Mobile
Burkina Faso Celtel Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso Onatel
Burkina Faso Telecel Faso SA
Burundi Telecel-Burundi Company
Cambodia, Kingdom of CamGSM (MOBITEL)
Cambodia, Kingdom of Cambodia Samart Comm.(SAMART) -ex casacom-
Cambodia, Kingdom of Mfone ( ex Cambodia Shinawatra)
Cameroon MTN Cameroon Ltd
Cameroon Orange Cameroun S.A.
Canada Rogers (ex Microcell Telecommunications Inc -Fido)
Canada Rogers Wireless
Cape Verde Cabo Verde Telecom (CVMOVEL)
Cape Verde T+ Cape Verde
Cayman Islands Cable & Wireless (Cayman Islands) Limited
Cayman Islands Digicel (Cayman Islands) Mossel Jamaica
Chad CelTel Tchad SA
Chad Millicom Chad
Chile Entel PCS Telecomunicaciones S.A
Chile Telefonica Movil de Chile
Chile Claro
China, Peoples Republic of China Mobile Communication Corp.
China, Peoples Republic of China Mobile Communication Corp. (Additional IMSI)
China, Peoples Republic of China Unicom (CU-GSM)
Colombia Colombia Movil SA (tigo)
Colombia COMCEL
Colombia Telefonica Moviles
Comoros Societe Nationale des Postes et Telecommunications (SNPT) (HURI)
Congo CelTel- ZAIN
Congo Libertis Telecom
Congo, Democratic Republic of Celtel Congo (CelTel Congo SA)
Congo, Democratic Republic of Vodacom Congo (RDC) sprl
Costa Rica I.C.E. (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad)
Cote d'Ivoire Loteny Telecom (TELECEL)
Cote d'Ivoire Orange Cote D'Ivoire S.A. (Orange CI)
Croatia TMobile Croazia (HTmobile)
Croatia VIPnet d.o.o.
Croatia Tele 2
Cuba C_Com
Cyprus MTN Cypro (exAREEBA ex Scancom )
Czech Republic Vodafone (Cesky Mobil -Oskar Mobil)
Czech Republic Telefonica O2 (ex Eurotel Praha).
Czech Republic T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.
Denmark Sonofon
Denmark Sonofon (Additional IMSI)
Denmark TDC Mobil A/S
Denmark Telia A/S Denmark (TELIA DK)
Denmark Telia A/S Denmark (TELIA DK) (Additional IMSI)
Denmark H3G
Djibouti, Republic of Djibouti Telecom SA (Evatis)
Dominica Cable & Wireless Dominica Ltd
Dominica Digicel (ex Cingular)
Dominican Republic Orange Dominicana S.A.
Dominican Republic Trilogy Dominicana
East Timor Timor Telecom
Ecuador Conecel S.A. (Consorcio Ecuatoriano de Telecomunicaciones S.A.)
Ecuador Telefonica Moviles
Egypt The Egyptian Company for Mobile Services (ECMS-MobiNil)
Egypt ETISALAT MISR - Egitto
Egypt Vodafone Egypt Telecommunications S.A.E.
El Salvador CTE Telecom Personal SA de CV
El Salvador DIGICEL, S.A. de C.V.
El Salvador Telemovil EL Salvador S.A
El Salvador Telefonica Movile El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea Orange-Getesa
Estonia AS EMT (EMT GSM)
Estonia Radiolinja Eesti AS
Estonia Tele2 Eesti AS
Ethiopia Ethiopian Telecoms Auth. (ETMTN)
Faroe Islands Faroese Telecom (Faroese Telecom GSM)
Faroe Islands Vodafone Faroe (ex KALL)
Fiji Vodafone Fiji Ltd
Finland Alands Mobiltelefon Ab
Finland DNA FINNET NETWORKS (fusa conSuomen 2G Oy)
Finland DNA FINNET NETWORKS (fusa conSuomen 2G Oy) (Additional IMSI)
Finland Elisa corporation (ex Radiolinja Origo Oy)
Finland ELISA (Additional IMSI)
Finland Telia Sonera (Sonera)
France Bouygues Telecom
France Orange France
France SFR
French Guiana (Frenche West Indies) Digicel (ex Bouygues Telecom Caraibe )
French Guiana (Frenche West Indies) Orange Caraibe
French Polynesia Tikiphone S.A (VINI)
Gabon, Republic of Zain (ex Celtel)
Gambia Africell (Gambia) Ltd
Georgia Geocell Limited
Georgia Magti Com (Magti GSM)
Germany E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH
Germany O2 (Germany) GmbH & Co. OHG
Germany O2 (Germany) GmbH & Co. OHG (Additional IMSI)
Germany T-Mobile Deutschland GmbH (D1)
Germany Vodafone D2 GmbH
Ghana Ghana Telecommunications Company Ltd (Ghana Telecom Mobile)
Ghana Millicom Ghana Limited (MOBITEL)
Ghana MTN (ex Areeba) ScanCom Ltd (ex SPACEFON)
Gibraltar Gibraltar Telecoms Int'l (Gibtel GSM)
Greece WIND HELLAS (EX Q Hellas) *
Greece Vodafone-Panafon
Greenland Tele Greenland A/S
Grenada Cable & Wireless Grenada Ltd.
Grenada Digicel (digicel-jamaica)
Guadeloupe (French West Indies) Digicel (ex Bouygues Telecom Caraibe )
Guadeloupe (French West Indies) Dauphin Telecom
Guadeloupe (French West Indies) Orange Caraibe
Guam DOMOCOMO Pacific (ex Guam Wireless)
Guatemala SERCOM S.A.
Guatemala COMCEL-Communicaciones Celulares Sociedad Anonima
Guatemala Telefonica Movile de Guatemala
Guernsey Cable & Wireless Guernsey Ltd
Guinea Cellcom
Guyana Guyana Telephone & Telegraph
Guyana Digicel Mossel
Haiti Digicel Mossel
Haiti Comcel
Honduras Sercom (ex Megatel)- Claro-
Honduras Telefonica Celular S.A (CELTEL)
Honduras Digicel
Hong Kong CSL Hong Kong Limited
Hong Kong Hutchison Telecom (-Dual Band)
Hong Kong Hutchison Telecom (3G) (Additional IMSI)
Hong Kong CSL Hong Kong (EX New World PCS Mobility )
Hong Kong China Resources Peoples Company Limited
Hong Kong SmarTone Mobile Comms. Ltd.
Hong Kong Sunday Communications Ltd
Hong Kong Sunday Communications Ltd (Additional IMSI )
Hungary Pannon GSM Telecommunications
Hungary Vodafone Hungary Ltd
Hungary TMobile (exWestel Mobile)
Iceland IMC Island ehf (Viking Wireless)
Iceland Siminn (EX Iceland Telecom Ltd (LANDSSIMINN)
Iceland Og fjarskipti hf (oG vODAFONEGSM ) (EX TAL- Isalnssimin)
Iceland Nova
India Vodafone Essar (ex Orange -ex Aircel Digilink India Limited --Hutchinson Essar UP East)
India Vodafone Essar (ex Orange (exAircel Digilink India Limited - Hutchinson Essar Rajasthan)
India Orange (ex Aircel Digilink India Limited - Huchinson Essar Haryana)
India Aircel Limited (Tamilnadu)
India Vodafone Essar Cellular (ex Hutchinson Essar cellular ex BPL Cellular) Maharashtra/Goa
India Vodafone Essar Cellular (ex Hutchinson Essar Cellular Limited ex BPL Cellular Limited) Tamil Nadu
India Vodafone Essar Cellular (ex Hutchinson Essar Cellular Limited ex BPL Cellular Limited) Kerala
India Loop Mobile (ex BPL Mobile Communications (Loop Mumbai)
India Bharti AirTel - Delhi)
India Bharti AirTel - Kolkata)
India Bharti AirTel - Haryana)
India Bharti AirTel - Kerala)
India Bharti AirTel - Tamilnadu)
India Bharti AirTel - Uttar Pradesh (West)
India BhartiAirTel - Mumbai Metro)
India Bharti AirTel - Gujarat)
India Bharti AirTel - Maharashtra)
India Bharti AirTel - Madhya Pradesh)
India Bharti Airtel - Karnataka (ex bharti Mobile)
India Bharti Airtel - Andhra Pradesh (ex Bharti Mobile)
India Bharti AirTel - Punjab (ex Bharti Mobile)
India Bharti Airtel Chennai(ex Bharti Mobinet AIRTEL)
India Bharti Airtel - Himachal Pradesh Circle-(ex Bharti Telenet Ltd)
India IDEA Cellular (ex ESCOTEL Haryana)
India IDEA Cellular (ex Escotel UP(W))
India IDEA Cellular (ex Escotel Kerala)
India Vodafone Essar Gujarat (ex Fascel Limited)
India Bharti Hexacom (ex Hexacom ex Oasis Cellular) Rajastan e North East
India Vodafone Essar (ex Hutchison Essar South Limited (HESL - Andhra Pradesh) ex Orange
India Vodafone Essar (ex Hutchison Essar South Limited (HESL - Chennai)
India Vodafone Essar (ex Hutchison Essar South Limited (HESL - Karnataka)
India Vodafone Essar Mobile Services ltd (ex Hutchison Essar Mobile Service) Delhi
India Vodafone Essar (ex Hutchison Essar Limited (ex Orange ex Hutchinson Max) Mumbai
India Vodafone Essar East (ex Hutchison Telecom East Limited) Calcutta
India Vodafone Essar South limited -Uttar Pradesh West-
India Vodafone Essar South limited -West Bengala-
India Vodafone Essar South limited - Punjab-
India IDEA Cellular ( Maharashtra Circle) ex BTA cellular
India IDEA Cellular Limited (IDEA - Andhra Pradesh Circle)
India IDEA Cellular Limited (IDEA - Gujarat Circle)
India IDEA Cellular Limited (IDEA - Delhi Circle)
India Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd - Delhi
India Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd - Mumbai
India Aircel Cellular Limited (ex RPG Cellular Service) city of Madras
India Reliance Telecom Private Ltd
India IDEA (ex SPICE - Punjab)
India IDEA (ex Spice Karnataka)
India BSNL
Indonesia INDOSAT ("IM3")
Indonesia PT Natrindo Telepon Seluler (Axis -Lippo Telecom)
Indonesia INDOSAT (ex Satelindo)
Indonesia PT Telekomunikasi Selular (TELKOMSEL)
Indonesia PT. Excelcomindo (Excelcom)
Indonesia Hutchinson CP
Indonesia Mobile 8
Iran Taliya
Iran KFZO -TKC- (ex Payam Kish )
Iran MCI (ex TCI)
Iraq Asia Cell Company for Telecommunication
Iraq Orascom Telecom Iraq Corporation
Iraq Atheer Telecom Iraq (Zain)
Iraq Korek telecom
Ireland METEOR
Ireland O2 Communications (Ireland) Ltd
Ireland Vodafone Ireland Plc
Ireland Hutchinson 3G Ireland
Isle of Man Manx Telecom (Pronto GSM)
Isle of Man Cloude 9
Israel Cellcom Israel Ltd
Israel Partner Communications Company Ltd (Orange)
Israel MIRS
Israel Pelephone
Italy TIM
Jamaica Cable & Wireless Jamaica Limited (Cable and Wireless Jamaica Limited)
Jamaica Mossel (Jamaica) Ltd (Digicel)
Japan NTT DoCoMo, Inc
Japan Emobile
Jersey Jersey Telecom (JT GSM)
Jersey Jersey Airtel Limited
Jordan Zain (Jordan Mobile Telephone /ex Fastlink - Jordan)
Jordan Petra Jordanian Mobile Telecommunications Company-Orange (ex MobileCom)
Jordan Xpress Jordan
Jordan Umniah Mobile Company -
Kazakhstan GSM Kazakhstan Ltd (K'CELL)
Kazakhstan KaR-TeL LLP (K-MOBILE)
Kenya Zain ( ex Celtel ex Kencell)
Kenya Safaricom Limited
Kenya Telkom (Orange) Kenya
Kossovo Monaco Telecom
Kuwait Mobile Telecommunications Co. (MTCNet)
Kuwait National Mobile Telecommunications Co (Wataniya Telecom)
Kyrgyz Republic Sky Mobile (Bitel )
Lao Millicom Lao Co Ltd
Latvia Bitè
Latvia Latvian Mobile Telephone Co (LMT GSM)
Latvia TELE2
Lebanon MIC (ex FTML)
Lebanon LibanCell
Liberia Cellcom
Libya EL MADAR Telecomm Company (ORBIT)
Liechtenstein Mobilkom (Liechtenstein) AG (FL1)
Liechtenstein Orange (Liechtenstein) AG (Orange FL)
Liechtenstein Tele 2 Aktiengesellschaft (Tele 2 AG)
Liechtenstein SWISSCOM MOBILE (ex Telecom FLAG)
Lithuania OMNITEL
Lithuania UAB "Bite GSM" (Bite GSM)
Lithuania UAB "TELE2" (TELE2)
Luxembourg P+T Luxembourg (LUXGSM)
Luxembourg Tango S.A
Luxembourg VOXmobile S.A. (VOX.mobile)
Macau C.T.M. (TELEMOVEL+ GSM900-Macau)
Macau Hutchison Telephone (Macau) Company Limited (Hutchison Telecom)
Macau SmarTone Mobile Communications (Macau) Ltd (SMC Macau)
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of T-Mobile Macedonia (ex MOBIMAK )
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of COSMOFON (ex MTS -Skopje)
Madagascar ZAIN (ex Celtel-ex Madacom)
Madagascar Orange-ANTARIS
Madagascar Telma Mobile
Malawi CelTel- ZAIN
Malawi Telekom Network Malawi
Malaysia Celcom (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Malaysia Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd
Malaysia MMSSB
Malaysia U Mobile
Maldives Dhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun Private Ltd GSM 900 (DhiMobile GSM 900)
Maldives Wataniya Telecom Maldives Pvt. Ltd (WMOBILE)
Mali Orange (ex IKATEL SA)
Malta Mobisle Communications Limited (go mobile)
Malta Vodafone Malta Limited
Malta Melita
Martinique( French West Indies) Digicel (ex Bouygues Telecom Caraibe )
Martinique( French West Indies) Orange Caraibe
Mauritius Cellplus Mobile Comms
Mauritius Emtel Ltd
Mayotte Societe Reunionnaise de Radiotelephone (SRR REUNION)
Mexico Telefonica Messico (MOVISTAR) Pegaso Comunicaciones
Mexico Radiomovil Dipsa (TELCEL)
Moldova, Republic of Moldcell SA
Moldova, Republic of Orange) (VoXtel S.A.)
Mongolia MobiCom
Montenegro T-Mobile Montenegro (ex Monet)
Montenegro ProMonte GSM (YU 02)
Montenegro MTEL
Montserrat Cable & Wireless West Indies Ltd (Montserrat)
Morocco Itissalat Al-Maghrib S.A (I A M)
Morocco Medi Telecom (Meditel)
Mozambique Mocambique Celular Ltd (mCel)
Mozambique VM, S.A.R.L.(Vodacom Mozambique)
Nagorno Karabakh Region Karabakh Telecom (NKRGSM)
Namibia MTC
Namibia PowerCom (Cell one)
Nepal Nepal Telecommunications Corporation (Nepal Mobile)
Nepal Spice
Netherlands KPN Mobile The Netherlands BV
Netherlands Orange Nederland N.V. (acquisto Tmobile)
Netherlands T-Mobile Netherlands (T-Mobile NL)
Netherlands Vodafone Libertel N.V
Netherlands KPN additional IMSi( (Telfort fuso con KPN)
Netherlands Antilles Digicel Mossel ( ex Curacao )
Netherlands Antilles Setel NV (UTS Wireless Curacao)
Netherlands Antilles Telcell N.V.
New Zealand Vodafone Mobile NZ Limited
New Zealand NZC New Zeland
Nicaragua Empresa Nicaraguense ENITEL (CLARO)
Nicaragua Telefonica Celular de Nicaragua
Niger Celtel Niger
Niger Telecel
Nigeria Econet Wireless Nigeria- Celtel-
Nigeria Globacom Ltd (Glo Mobile)
Nigeria MTN Nigeria Communications Limited
Norway Telenor Mobil
Norway Mobile Network (Network Norway)
Oman, Sultanate of Oman Telecommunications Company (OMAN MOBILE)
Oman, Sultanate of Nawras
Pakistan Mobilink
Pakistan Pak Telecom Mobile Ltd (Ufone)
Pakistan Warid Telecom
Palestinian Authority Palestine Telecomm Co Ltd (Palestine Telecommunications Co. P.L.C)
Panama, Republic of Cable & Wireless Panama
Panama, Republic of Telefonica
Panama, Republic of Digicel
Paraguay Hola Paraguay S.A. (VOX)
Paraguay Claro (ex AMX/CTI )
Paraguay Telefonica Celular Del Paraguay S.A. (Telecel S.A.)
Paraguay Nucleo
Peru CLARO (ex TIM Peru)
Peru Telefonica Movile-O2
Philippines Digital Telecommunications Phils, Inc (Digitel Mobile/Sun Cellular)
Philippines Globe Telecom, GMCR Inc.
Philippines Smart Communications Inc. (Smart Gold GSM)
Poland PTK Centertel (IDEA) Orange
Poland Polkomtel S.A (PLUS GSM)
Poland Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa (Era)
Poland P4
Portugal Optimus Telecomunicacoes, S.A
Portugal Telecomunicacoes Moveis Nacionais S.A (TMN)
Portugal Vodafone Telecel
Puertorico AT&T (ex Cingular )
Puertorico T-Mobile (ex Suncom)
Qatar Q-Tel (QATARNET)
Reunion (La) Orange Reunion
Reunion (La) Societe Reunionnaise de Radiotelephone (SRR REUNION)
Romania Cosmote (ex Cosmorom S.A.)
Romania Vodafone (ex MobiFon S.A/CONNEX GSM)
Romania Orange Romania SA
Romania RCS-RDS
Russia BaykalWestCom (ex Far Eastern Cellular )
Russia Uralsvyazinform (ex Ermak)
Russia Uralsvyazinform (ex Uratel)
Russia LLC – MOTIV (Russia)
Russia Vimpelcom- Bee line ( ex KB Impuls + ex Extel + ex Stav telesot)
Russia MegaFon, Open Joint Stock Company
Russia Mobile Tele Systems- MTS
Russia New Telephone Company (NTC)
Russia Nizhegorodskaya Cellular Communications (NCC)
Russia TELE 2 (EX Rostov Cellular Communications )
Russia Yeniseytelecom (ex Siberian Cellular Systems-900 (SCS-900)
Russia Smarts (ex Zao SMARTS )
Russia SMARTS (Additional IMSI)
Rwanda, Republic of MTN Rwandacell Sarl
Samoa Digicel
Satellite Elsacom
Satellite Globalstar (Canada)
Satellite Globalstar (Russia)
Satellite Globalstar (Argentina)
Satellite Globalstar (Francia)
Satellite Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Company
Saudi Arabia Saudi Telecom Company (STC) (AL JAWAL)
Saudi Arabia Etisalat( Mobility)
Saudi Arabia ZAIN SD
Senegal Sentel GSM
Senegal Sonatel (ALIZE)
San Marino San Marino Telecom
Serbia Telenor (ex MOBTEL)
Serbia Telekom Srbija a.d. (Mobilna Telefonija Srbije)
Seychelles Cable & Wireless (Seychelles) Ltd
Seychelles Telecom (Seychelles Limited) (AIRTEL)
Sierra Leone Celtel-ZAIN
Singapore MobileOne Ltd
Singapore Singapore Telecom Mobile Pte Ltd GSM 900) (SingTel)
Singapore Singapore Telecom Mobile (SingTel)
Singapore StarHub Pte Ltd
Slovak Republic TMobile Slovenko
Slovak Republic Orange Slovensko a.s (Orange SK)
Slovak Republic Telefonica O2
Slovenia Mobitel d.d
Slovenia SI.Mobil d.d
Slovenia Tusmobil
Somalia Nationlink
South Africa Cell C (Pty) Ltd
South Africa MTN (Pty) Ltd
South Africa Vodacom Group Pty Ltd.
South Korea KT Freetel Co., Ltd (KT ICOM)
South Korea KT Freetel Co., Ltd (KT ICOM) (Additional IMSI)
South Korea SK Telecom
Spain VODAFONE (ex Airtel Movil S.A)
Spain VODAFONE (ex Airtel Movil S.A) (Additional IMSI)
Spain France TELECOM Espania - Orange- (ex Retevision Movil ex AMENA)
Spain Telefonica Moviles España S.A. (MOVISTAR)
Spain Telefonica Moviles España S.A. (MOVISTAR) (Additional IMSI)
Spain Xfera Moviles SA
Sri Lanka Tigo (ex Celltel Lanka Limited)
Sri Lanka MTN Networks (Pvt) Ltd (DIALOG GSM)
Sri Lanka Mobitel (Pvt) Limited
St. Barthelemy (French West Indies) Digicel (ex Bouygues Telecom Caraibe )
St. Barthelemy (French West Indies) Dauphin Telecom
St Kitts & Nevis Cable & Wireless St Kitts & Nevis Limited
St Kitts & Nevis Digicel/Mossel
St Lucia Digicel/Mossel
St Lucia Cable & Wireless St Lucia
St. Martin (Frenche West Indies) Digicel (ex Bouygues Telecom Caraibe )
St. Martin (Frenche West Indies) Dauphin Telecom
St Vincent & The Grenadines Cable & Wireless Caribbean Cellular (St Vincent & the Grenadines) Ltd
St Vincent & The Grenadines Digicel (St Vincent and Grenadines) Limited
Sudan ZAIN SD (ex Mobitel)
Sudan Areeba
Suriname Telesur (TELESUR.GSM)
Suriname Digicel
Sweden Tele 2 AB (COMVIQ)
Sweden Tele 2 AB (COMVIQ) (Additional IMSI)
Sweden Telia Mobile
Sweden Telia Mobile
Sweden Telenor (Vodafone group)
Sweden HI3GAccess AB
Switzerland Orange Communications S.A
Switzerland Swisscom Mobile Ltd (SWISS GSM)
Switzerland TDC Switzerland AG (sunrise)
Switzerland Tele 2 switzerland
Syria MTN Syria (ex Areeba, ex Spacetel Syria 94)
Syria Syriatel Mobile Telecom SA
Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom LDM (LDTA GSM)
Taiwan Far EasTone Telecommunications GSM 900/1800 (Far EasTone GSM 900/1800)
Taiwan KG Telecom
Taiwan Taiwan Mobile
Taiwan Taiwan MobilE (ex Mobitai) (Additional IMSI)
Taiwan TransAsia Telecommunications
Tajikistan Indigo Tajikistan SOUTH
Tajikistan Indigo Tajikistan NORTH
Tajikistan Babilon
Tanzania Celtel Tanzania Limited
Tanzania MIC Tanzania Ltd (Mobitel)
Tanzania Vodacom Tanzania Ltd
Tanzania Zanzibar Telecom (ZANTEL)
Thailand Advanced Info Service PLC (AIS GSM)
Thailand True Move (ex Orange)
Thailand Total Access Communications Co (DTAC)
Togo Togo Telecom (TOGOCEL)
Trinidad and Tobago Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd (TSTT)
Trinidad and Tobago Digicel Mossel
Tunisia Orascom Telecom Tunisie (TUNISIANA)
Tunisia Tunisie Telecom (TUNTEL)
Turkey AVEA (ex ARIA)
Turkey AVEA (ex AYCELL)
Turkey Vodafone (ex TELSIM)
Turkey Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.
Turkmenistan Barash Communication Technologies Inc. (BCTI)
Turks & Caicos Islands Cable & Wireless West Indies Ltd (Turks & Caicos)
Turks & Caicos Islands Digicel Mossel
Uganda Zain (CelTel Cellular)
Uganda MTN Uganda Ltd (MTN-Uganda)
Uganda Uganda Telecom Ltd (mango)
Ukraine Golden Telecom LLC
Ukraine Kyivstar GSM JSC
Ukraine MTS Ukraina ( ex UMC)
Ukraine Ukrainian Radio Systems (Beeline)
Ukraine Astelit
Ukraine UKRTelecom
United Arab Emirates ETISALAT
United Arab Emirates DU
United Kingdom O2 (UK) Limited
United Kingdom Orange PCS Ltd
United Kingdom T-Mobile (UK) Limited
United Kingdom Vodafone Ltd
United Kingdom Hutchinson 3G UK
U.S.A AT&T (ex Cingular )
U.S.A AT&T (ex Cingular )
U.S.A AT&T (ex Cingular )
U.S.A AT&T (ex Cingular )
U.S.A Cincinnati Bell Wireless
U.S.A T-Mobile USA, Inc.
U.S.A T-Mobile USA, Inc.
U.S.A T-Mobile USA, Inc.
U.S.A T-Mobile USA, Inc.
U.S.A T-Mobile USA, Inc.
U.S.A T-Mobile USA, Inc.
U.S.A T-Mobile USA, Inc.
U.S.A T-Mobile USA, Inc.
U.S.A T-Mobile USA, Inc.
U.S.A T-Mobile USA, Inc.
U.S.A T-Mobile (ex SUNCOM )
U.S.A Centennial Wireless
U.S.A WSI America
U.S.A Alltel
U.S.A Keystone Wireless
U.S. Virign Islands AT&T (ex Cingular )
U.S. Virign Islands T-Mobile (ex SUNCOM )
Uruguay ANTEL
Uruguay CTI
Uruguay Telefonica Moviles del Uruguay S.A.
Uzbekistan U-Cell (Coscom)
Uzbekistan DAEWOO Unitel Company
Uzbekistan Uzdunrobita JV (Uzdunrobita GSM)
Venezuela DIGITEL
Venezuela DIGITEL (ex Digicel)
Venezuela DIGITEL (ex Infonet)
Venezuela Telefonica Movil- O2
Vietnam Vietnam Telecoms Services Co (GPC) (Vinaphone)
Vietnam Vietnam Mobile Telecom Service (MOBIFONE)
Vietnam Viettel
Yemen Spacetel - Yemen
Yemen Yemen Mobile Phone Company "Sabafon"
Zambia Celtel Zambia Limited
Zambia Zambia Telecommunicaitons Company Ltd (ZAMTEL) Cell Z
Zimbabwe Econet Wireless (Private) Limited
Zimbabwe P + T Corporation (NET*ONE)



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